How to beat the casino

How to beat the casino

August 12, 2022 Off By admin

I knew right away that there were people who would read this title and start ranting about how I don’t know what I’m talking about, how they think I am scamming people, and how there is no way to beat casinos. Are you familiar with the names of these people? I know. They are the losers, in other words. This is not a personal opinion. It is literally what I mean. These are either the habitual or recreational gamblers. You should also consider that they believe there is no way to beat casinos but they still gamble! Losers, as I said.

Because I know there’s a way to beat the casinos, I play. This makes a lot more sense. They are correct in some ways, but those who argue that there is no way of winning are wrong. They can’t win. They will keep going with their losing ways and continue to lose, then tell me they can’t win. I don’t follow the same losing habits and methods that they do, so I am not among them. They continue to do so and I just laugh at them. I can’t convince anyone, so I just laugh. I am a master of my Malaysia Sports Betting field and will share what I know with those who listen. Those who don’t listen and those who ridicule and oppose my ideas and methods will continue to lose. Let me now give you some background information.

My father was a gambler since childhood. I would describe him as a “habitual gambler”. He was a gambler on all things, including horses, dice, sports and cards. He also lost every bet. This is what a regular gambler does. To ease my conscience, I would like to add that he was a good person, but a poor gambler. It was easy to understand what made a loser when I was growing up in this environment. However, I would only realize it later in my life. Our family moved from upstate New York to Las Vegas in 1973, as luck would have it. It is ironic that I use “luck” in this instance. It’s not a great place to live for my father! I did learn a lot about the different casino games. My father was happy to teach me how to play them all, and he was very skilled at them. I also learned how to lose. I noticed that many of the other gamblers around was also losing. It wasn’t long before I realized that I wouldn’t do well in the town if I gambled. So I decided to enter the casino industry. I began my career as a craps dealer, and then learned how to deal roulette and blackjack.

I quickly rose up the ranks to become a boxman and floorman, pit boss and then assistant shift manager. During 10 years, I was able to see that people gambled and lost their money. It was something I observed every day. By this point, I was well-versed in the casino gambling world. It reached the point where I was able to spot a card counter almost immediately they entered the room. I was very good. My unique contribution to the pit was that I watched and studied, rather than my co-workers. I learned what made a loser and what made a winner. But I must admit that I didn’t see many winners. It was also interesting to see that winners weren’t as prominent as losers. This was actually a really interesting point. They were often quiet and deliberate, and you rarely saw them for long enough to notice them. I can only say that I saw ten of these rare gamblers, the winners, in my entire time in the pit. These people are difficult to spot. They are difficult to spot.

Needless to mention, I began taking mental notes about what I saw and began to develop what would be my “Betting For Profit” method. It was not a “system” as systems do not work. In all the games I played, I saw almost every system in the casino. The roulette players had little notepads and scribbled down numbers after each roll. There were also the blackjack card counters and the craps dice-setters. Did you see a system player? We laughed! Casinos love system players. Let me get this out of the way. Anybody who claims to have a winning strategy in any of these games is either lying or trying to scam you. There are many “systems” that can beat craps, roulette, blackjack, and other games, especially online. All of them are useless. Even card counting in Blackjack is highly overrated. It is hard to believe, but I’ve tried it. Card counting’s benefits are negated by card shuffling. This is exactly how we used them. It is a fact that systems don’t work. This comes from someone who has had the experience to know this. They’re for losers.